Audiovisual SGR ahora es CREA SGR


The AUDIOVISUAL SGR [a MUTUAL GUARANTEE SOCIETY – MGS] was created with the commitment to support the [Spanish] audiovisual industry in the financing and development of its projects.It is a pioneering initiative, being the first MGS specifically for this sector, which responds to the needs of [Spanish] audiovisual companies, most of them small and medium-sized businesses, which encounter large obstacles to obtaining adequate financing for their activities with regard to costs as well as terms and conditions.


As an initiative of EGEDA, and to promote a sector which is strategically important for the Spanish economy, as this sector’s products are a cultural reference for the world beyond our borders, the Ministry of Culture through the “Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts” (ICAA) and the “Audiovisual Producers’ Rights Management Association” (EGEDA) founded the AUDIOVISUAL SGR at the end of 2005.

Our goal is to become an indispensable financing tool for small and-medium-sized businesses in the audiovisual sector. Not only do we provide loan guarantees which are needed to access financial markets under the best terms and conditions, but we also work with, assess, and support companies through the entire process – public grants and subsidies, financial analysis and planning of projects, etc.


Through the signing of contracts with Financial Institutions, we enable lines of credit specifically for the audiovisual sector, adapting them to its own particularities.


We are a young and dynamic team of professionals with experience in the financial sector and knowledge of the audiovisual industry.We aim to provide friendly and professional service, understanding problems when they arise and looking for the best solutions.


We are sure that small and medium-sized businesses can find the answer to their financial needs in the AUDIOVISUAL SGR.We encourage you to visit this web site and look forward to seeing you in our offices.


Susana de la Sierra




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